Davao City, Philippines (August 20, 2016) – Bro. Daniel S. Razon, Assistant to the Overall Servant to Members Church of God International (MCGI), announces the plan to upgrade UNTV broadcast facilities in Davao region to intensify evangelization efforts through digital television (DTV) broadcast and bring public service on a broader scale.

The announcement was made on August 20, during the MCGI Thanksgiving to God celebration held at the CAP Development Center in Anda Street, Davao City.

Brethren from Davao region during thanksgiving celebration. Photo courtesy of MCGI.org.

Kuya Daniel traveled all the way from Manila to personally meet the brethren in Davao. Brethren from different church locales in the region offered several songs of praises to the Almighty God, for the overflowing Biblical wisdom and blessings to the congregation. The event was aired in more than 1,360 satellite monitoring centers in the Philippines and abroad.

Digital broadcast soon in Cebu, Davao

Bro. Daniel said the upcoming DTV broadcast of UNTV News and Rescue will include Davao City. Upon completion of transmitter upgrade, households with DTV receiver boxes, even those boxes sold by other TV networks, will be able to receive UNTV’s multi-channel programs in clear video and high quality audio, within the coverage area.

Aside from Davao, UNTV’s relay station in Cebu will also be upgraded to support DTV by year-end 2016 or early 2017.

UNTV digital television (DTV) broadcast in Metro Manila. DTV offers clear video and high quality audio. UNTV DTV service will be available soon in Davao and Cebu.

Currently, UNTV airs through analog relay stations in Davao (UHF channel 51) and Cebu (UHF channel 39). These stations rebroadcast UNTV News and Rescue programs originating from Metro Manila. It is also carried by local cable TV operators and direct-to-home (DTH) satellite TV providers like Cignal and ABS-CBN’s Sky Direct.

UNTV’s multi-channel DTV broadcast in Metro Manila and soon in other provinces.

UNTV is currently testing its DTV service in Metro Manila. It airs UNTV News and Rescue and MCGI’s newest channel, ADDTV or Ang Dating Daan TV. ADDTV airs 24/7 broadcast of Ang Dating Daan and Itanong Mo Kay Soriano.

Recently, entertainment giant ABS-CBN began its DTV broadcast in Davao City and started selling its own brand of DTV receiver box called TVPlus or Mahiwagang Black Box. These boxes can also receive signal from other stations, including UNTV, once they began airing in digital.

Intensified public service

Kuya Daniel also mentioned that God willing, the church administration will be opening an outpatient facility in Metro Manila by the end of 2016. It aims to accommodate brethren and non-brethren with medical needs. It will also serve as transient home for those patients coming from the provinces, a temporary shelter while having their specialized laboratory tests or procedures done in various hospitals in Manila.

Kuya Daniel also mentioned that brethren and non-brethren can avail assistance, whether medical or legal, through UNTV’s newest public service program, Serbisyong Kasangbahay. The program has tie-ups with different hospitals and government agencies. Also recently, the program became a venue for individual drug dependents to voluntarily surrender to government authorities and seek rehabilitation, given the current administration’s serious war on drugs in the country.

Growth in membership in Davao region

The only available venue during that time, the CAP Auditorium, is jam-packed. With this, Kuya Daniel mentioned the possibility of building a church-owned convention center in Davao region, preferably near the airport, given the steady rise in membership in the area.

Since Bro. Eli began airing radio and television programs in Davao region, the church membership is growing exponentially. The first locale in Davao region was opened in 1994. Brethren reminisced those years when preaching was done through VHS tapes. Later, they were able to listen live from the headquarters in Pampanga via telephone audio patch. Today, with the advancement in technology, preaching in 61 locales in the region is done via satellite and through internet streaming.

Overall Servant to MCGI, Bro. Eli Soriano also expressed his desire in coming back to the country to meet the brethren in Davao City, face-to-face. He said “Gusto ko nga sanang makabalik diyan sa Davao. Nami-miss ko na, sana kung loloobin ng Dios, makabalik ako diyan sa inyo.” (I actually wanted to go back there in Davao. I already miss. I hope, God willing, I can return there with you.) “Pero kung di man ako makakabalik sa inyo mga kapatid, andiyan naman si Kapatid na Daniel. Tulungan nyo siya sa gawain at sa mga pagtataguyod ng mga gawain”  (But if I can no longer return there, brethren, Bro. Daniel is there. Help him in the works of the church, and in supporting the works of the church), he added.[techthetruth]

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