Metro Manila, Philippines (October 7, 2016) – ABS-CBN TVPlus may soon launch a new version of digital terrestrial television (DTT) receiver box with WiFi capability, for enhanced broadcast content distribution, not only on conventional TV sets but also on mobile devices.


On UBS Investor Forum held August 2016 in Hong Kong and Singapore, media giant ABS-CBN Corporation disclosed that its new business, DTT distribution, is on track to meet its full year target of more than 1.9 million digital boxes sold by end of 2016 and launch a WiFi enabled box in second half of 2016.

ABS-CBN Corporation’s official investor presentation on UBS Investor Forum (UBS Philippine Corporate Days, August 16-18, 2016) in Hong Kong and Singapore. The network mentioned the possible launch of WiFi enabled box in second half of 2016. It aims to sell more than 1.9 million boxes by year-end 2016.

As of June 2016, the network met its target of 1.33 million boxes sold for the first half of 2016. As of September 2016, it already reached 1.5 million boxes since it rolled out its digital television service in February 2015, few months after the government released the DTT implementing rules in December 2014.

The strong sales of the TVPlus boxes were attributed to the strong performance of new content, addition of new coverage areas, and aggressive marketing effort. It expects further growth by lowering price offer from Php 1,999 to Php 1,499.

ABS-CBN is the country’s first media and entertainment company to aggressively rollout DTT service. This move significantly improved the network’s signal in Metro Manila and Central Luzon which suffered interferences and weak signal reception in analog broadcast. Recently, its digital signal transmission expanded in Davao City, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Cagayan de Oro.

ABS-CBN TVPlus offers clear picture and sound without monthly fees for its free-to-air channels ABS-CBN and Sports+Action, and exclusive TVPlus free channels CineMo!, Yey, Knowledge Channel and DZMM Teleradyo and its new pay-per-view feature called the Kapamilya Box Office (KBO). It can also receive broadcast content from other networks with DTT signal.

Supplied by ADTH

ABS-CBN is yet to announce whether the new version with WiFi will be supplied by Atlanta DTH, Inc. (ADTH), the current supplier of its existing TVPlus ISDB-T boxes like IT7200 and A1100 models. ISDB-T is the Japanese digital TV standard adopted by the Philippines. ADTH is a leading supplier of communications equipment for over 20 years with headquarters in Georgia, USA.

First generation of TVPlus boxes supplied by ADTH. Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN and ADTH.
TVPlus digital box information.
Latest model of TVPlus digital box. One model comes with HDMI port and another version without HDMI at more affordable price.

WiFi enabled digital box

ADTH online catalog shows IT3100 DTT digital box model with WiFi capabilities. Based on published specifications, it supports European digital TV standard DVB-T2, but this can be easily modified and replaced by an ISDB-T tuner. Its physical appearance, as posted online, is similar to the first generation TVPlus.

Main features of ADTH IT 3100 model.


Detailed specifications of ADTH IT 3100 model.

How WiFi enabled digital TV box works

The WiFi feature in the digital box is not intended for internet or mobile data connectivity but to deliver TV content. According to its official website, ADTH Mobile Solution allows users to access TV content on demand to any screen, in various platforms such as Mac, iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

ADTH Mobile Solution where digital TV audio and video content received by the digital box can also be received by other mobile devices through WiFi technology.

ADTH Mobile Solution’s plug-and-play set-up is simple and user-friendly. It has an intuitive user interface for easy and quick content discovery and delivery. It uses a single receiver box where TV content can be received in various forms such as internet protocol (IP), cable (CATV), satellite or digital terrestrial television (DTT). The content delivery from the receiver box to other mobile devices does not require access or subscription to mobile internet or data service.

The proprietary system on the receiver box converts the TV broadcast signal to multicast IP format and can be received by mobile devices. The ADTH box supports multiple standards such as DVB-T2, ISDB-T, cable and satellite signal. The solution maximizes the use of open standards for flexibility. A maximum of 3 different TV contents can be delivered to different devices, at the same time, with the same frequency.

It supports both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) TV content, swiping of channels and Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for easy channel selection. The content is encrypted with ADTH Conditional Access or Watermarking solution, protecting the service provider from any content copyright issues. It also allows the provider to incorporate ADTH advertising (Ad) insertion solution for ad-based revenue. The solution can also be deployed on a moving vehicle where users can stream live content over mobile devices inside the vehicle. [techthetruth]

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