La Union, Philippines (November 17, 2016) – Members Church of God International (MCGI), also known for its program “Ang Dating Daan,” intensifies partnership with the Philippine National Police (PNP) in relation to the government’s campaign against illegal drugs and helping in the reformation of drug dependents, who want to change their lives for the better.

The Police Chief in Municipal Police Station of Caba in La Union approached MCGI for the drug dependents who want to have their lives reformed.

Police and local government officials from Caba, La Union. From top to bottom: Chief of Police Senior Inspector Melanie Lobusta, Brgy. Captain Ernesto Caoli Sr. (Brgy. Bautista), Brgy. Captain Rodolfo Cavinta (Brgy. Santiago Sur). Photos captured from UNTV News and Rescue.

Caba Chief of Police Senior Inspector Melanie Lobusta said they wanted to help the drug dependents in the spiritual aspect. “Una sa lahat, mailapit natin sila kasi hindi naman nila magagawa ‘yon kung malapit sila sa Panginoon, so form part na din po na ma-establish natin sa kanila yung pagbabalik-loob,” Police Senior Inspector Lobusta said. (“First of all, we want them to get closer [to the Lord] because they wouldn’t have done that if they fear the Lord so we also want to establish that they return [to the Lord].”)

Bible Exposition

MCGI did not hesitate and invited over 100 drug surrenderers in Caba, La Union to a Bible Exposition hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano, Overall Servant (Presiding Minister) to MCGI. In coordination with Caba Municipal Mayor Philip Caesar P. Crispino, the Reformation Program Series was conducted at Caba Function Hall, Barangay Poblacion Norte. Among the attendees of the Bible Expo are officials from the different barangays in the municipality of Caba.

Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition held in Caba, La Union. Photo captured from UNTV.

Barangay Captain Ernesto Caoli Sr. of Barangay Bautista said “Nagpunta kami lahat dito, ang objective nito, para sa mga drug personalities, surrenderers po. Gusto naming bigyan sila ng moral advices, physical and spiritual advices po.”  (“All of us went here, the objective is for the drug personalities, surrenderers. We want to give them moral, physical and spiritual advices.”)

During the Bible Exposition, Bro. Eli Soriano shared his thoughts about the continuous public service projects of the church which is open to anyone.

International televangelist Bro. Eli Soriano during Bible Exposition in Caba, La Union. Photo captured from UNTV.

Bro. Eli said “Ang programang ‘Ang Dating Daan’ ay hindi po naka-concentrate lang sa isa. In fact, for so many years now, our program has been helping the Filipino people in so many ways. Hindi lamang po yung mga drug personalities. Alam nyo kasi kapatid ano, ang mga drug surrenderees na yan na sinasabi nyo, ngayon lang naman lumitaw yan sa panahon ni President Duterte. More than at least 700,000 have surrendered to the administration of President Duterte.” (“The ‘Ang Dating Daan’ program is not only concentrated on one. In fact, for so many years now, our program has been helping the Filipino people in so many ways, not only the drug personalities. You know, brother, the drug surrenderers that you are saying, just appeared under the administration of President Duterte. More than or at least 700,000 have surrendered to the administration of President Duterte.”)

Bro. Eli also shared instances where drug surrenderers seek the help of MCGI and its broadcast partner, UNTV News and Rescue, to voluntarily surrender themselves to the police. “Sometimes in our program, sumu-surrender sila kay kapatid na Daniel para ilapit ni kapatid na Daniel [Razon] sa ating Chief PNP, si General Bato [Dela Rosa],” said Bro. Eli. (“Sometimes in our program, they surrender to Bro. Daniel [Razon] so that Brother Daniel [Razon] bring them to Chief PNP, General Bato [Dela Rosa].”)
UNTV’s public service program “Serbisyong Kasangbahay” serves as channel for drug dependents to surrender to the authorities. Photo captured from UNTV.

Bible Studies

Aside from Bible Exposition, MCGI also started conducting Bible studies twice a week which is open to all, not only to drug surrenderers. This does not include the Barangay Expo where the group can go to remote barangays so people from these places can also listen.

The Ang Dating Daan Mobile Coordinating Center is going in different barangays to conduct Bible studies. Photo captured from UNTV.

Barangay Captain Rodolfo Cavinta of Barangay Santiago Sur said “Ito ay isang magandang doktrina. Noong narinig ko si Brother [Eli], maganda talaga. Gusto kong maturuan yung mga tao at sa akin, para maganda ang gawin ng mga tao at maturuan ng salita ng Dios.” (“This is a good doctrine. I heard Brother [Eli], it is really good. So I also want other people to be taught so that people will do good and hear the words of God.”)

The local government and the police highly trust that the life reformation of the drug dependents who surrendered will continue through the teachings in the Bible.

Supporting Duterte’s War on Drugs

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In his blog ControversyExtraordinary, international televangelist Bro. Eli Soriano, expressed support to President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs. Bro. Eli said “For this, we, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) are one with our President and the entire police establishment in the country for this great task of rebuilding our beloved nation.” 

Offers Counseling Assistance

Bro Eli also shared that aside from moral support through prayers, MCGI is willing to extend help to the government, including counseling assistance for free. “We are willing to help with our prayers, with our pockets (though we have little), with our programs in television and in radio, to disseminate information and counseling in areas where they are needed,” said Bro. Eli.

There is Hope for Drug Addicts

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In his two-part blog, Bro. Eli also shared that “There is hope for drug addicts. Now that there are about a hundred of thousands of self-confessed addicts and pushers that surrendered to President Rody Duterte’s administration, I want to share biblical wisdom that may give hope and total renovation in the being of a drug addict.” “It is through faith that God works his works, transforming one. This transformation through faith is achieved by the mercy of God,” Bro. Eli added. [techthetruth]

Watch the report of UNTV’s Hataw Balita below:

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